BioQlinar Fibres

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Dietary fibre may...

relieve constipation

reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases

reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes

reduce the risks of certain cancers

help with weight management

increase oral health

increase gut health & improve our microbiome

improve mental health


For over one hundred years our civilization has been producing food industrially, removing elements that are difficult to process, such as fruit and vegetable peels, or elements undesirable in color, e. g. flour bran - because dark bread is associated with poverty. Even at home we peel apples and remove the element of food that require long chewing from our menu.

For over one hundred years we have been consuming less and less fibre and the effect of its chronic lack are reinforced by excess calories and lack of exercise. We have lifts, cars and escalators all around. Wherever you look, there are high-calorie snacks. The effect of overeating food without fibre in the absence of exercise are various civilization diseases: ranging from persistent constipation, through elevated cholesterol, ending with colon cancer.

The human body has not changed at all in the last one hundred years, while our diets are drastically different. Neglected and considered unnecessary for years, fibre plays an important role in the proper digestion and excretion of digested food. Insoluble fibre promotes bowel movements, relieving constipation, while soluble fibre slows the passage of food through the intestines and prevents diarrhea by absorbing water.

BioQlinar fibres - it's not only health!

Thanks to the unique production technology bioQlinar fibres are extremely fragmented and thanks to this they obtaining amazing culinary properties:

- they are a great, low-calorie thickener for sauces, creams and mash

- they are an addition to breadcrumbs, creating an airtight barrier that keeps the fried products moist

- they are finally a sensational texturizing agent, helping to give the dishes a lasting fluffiness and obtain and interesting effect inside the selected dishes

These are just some of the magic properties of bioQlinar!


We offer organic culinary fibres produced in Poland, mostly from Polish fruits and cereals. The unique micronization technology allows for obtaining very fine but frayed fibres. As a result, our fibres have a large active surface which  absorbs toxins and pollutants from the food. In addition, it makes our fibres suitable for culinary use, perfectly combining health with taste.

All our fibres are certified with ​the BIO mark

Our organic fibres are professionally manufactured products made of natural and ecological skins and seeds of fruits or cereal husks. Cleaned, sterilized and micronized to obtain average size of fibres below 25 microns, so that fibre is not detected on the tongue and can be added to food.

BioQlinar Natural Flours

We also offer organic and vegan natural flours made in Poland from raw materials mostly from Polish fields.

The unique technology of micronization allows to obtain very fine wholegrain flours with a high fibre content, and another unique grinding technology allows to obtain free-flowing linseed and mustard flours despite the high fat content.

All our flours are certified with the BIO mark

bioQlinar lupine flour

Obtained by very fine grinding (micronization) of roasted seeds of sweet organic lupine from Polish fields. It is characterized by a sweet taste, high protein (34%) and fibre (20%) content. Additional benefits of consuming lupine flour:
- has a positive effect on the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure  - has a very low GI15 glycemic index and helps reduce blood glucose level
- is one of the best sources of arginine - an amino acid which has a positive effect on the performance of blood vessels
- is a good source of folic acid

bioQlinar buckwheat flour

Obtained by grinding unroasted hulled seeds of organic buckwheat. Additional benefits of consuming buckwheat flour:
- has a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis, prevents constipation
- has a low GI40 glycemic index
- it is used in the prevention of diabetes and metabolic obesity-indusing diseases
- high content of magnesium and copper - supports regeneration of muscles and the work of the circulatory system and heart

bioQlinar mustard flour

Obtained by grinding purified organic white mustard seeds from Polish fields.
Gluten-free product.
The unique technology of grinding allows to obtain the perfect addition to all kinds of dishes. Despite its high fat content (36%) bioQlinar mustard flour is loose and can be easily dosed in the kitchen. The high fat content is also responsible for the great taste of our flour.

Ideal component of the KETO diet
- digestible carbohydrates below 1%
- fat 46%
- the highest content of Omega 3 acids

bioQlinar full-fat linseed flour

Obtained by grinding the roasted seeds of organic brown linseed. The unique milling technology allows to obtain the perfect component of the KETO diet with a very long shelf life confirmed by laboratory tests. The process of roasting linseeds before grinding prevents the formation of hydrogen cyanide, making our flour completely safe consumption. Our bioQlinar full-fat linseed flour is characterized by a high content of fat (46%) and fibre (25%) and a very low content of digestible carbohydrates (less than 1%). It is also an exceptionally rich source of Omega 3 (56,7% of total fat) and Omega 6 (16,8% of total fat) acids.

Our wish is to encourage you to experiment in the kitchen with this very healthy ingredient. Remembering the words of Hippocrates: "Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" let us begin to ​appreciate the role of fibre in our daily diet.

Enjoy your meals!